20FT 40FT Low Cost Detachable Prefabricated Flat Packed Container House

Taohong flat packed container homes are produced with high quality and safety standards, constitute the most preferred living spaces among modular buildings.

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Taohong flat packed container homes are produced with high quality and safety standards, constitute the most preferred living spaces among modular buildings.
Flat pack Container house, produced with new generation container technology, can be used in four seasons and is long-lasting. It is produced in accordance with the climatic conditions of the place you want. It has excellent snow load and wind speed values. It is earthquake resistant. You can choose it as a plateau house, vineyard house and chalet.

At the same time, one of the areas where flat pack container house is used is public housing projects. Refugee camps, mass housing projects planned after a natural disaster are other areas where these structures are mostly used. We produced flat pack containers for the projects of many different institutions, from aid activities to leading construction companies.

    5950*3000*2800mm Standard Assemble Flat Packed Container House Material List
No. Item Part Name Unit QTY Length(M) Remark
1 Wall panel 50mm Rock composite panel piece 15 2.53 Galvanized color sheet 0.35mm
2 piece 2 1.44 Galvanized color sheet 0.35mm
3 piece 1 0.46 Galvanized color sheet 0.35mm
4 Frame Bottom frame piece 2 5.63 Galvanized frame 2.3/3.0mm
5 piece 2 2.68
6 Top frame piece 2 5.63 Galvanized frame 2.3/3.0mm
7 piece 2 2.68
8 Upright frame piece 4 2.48 Galvanized frame 2.3/3.0mm
9 Clamp slot piece 2 2.66 90*60mm
10 piece 2 2.71 90*60mm
11 Corner piece 8
12 Galvanized square tube Bottom tube piece 4 2.96 80*80mm,1.2mm
13 piece 5 2.96 40*80mm,1.2mm
14 Top tube piece 4 2.96 40*80mm,1.2mm
15 piece 1 5.63 40*80mm,1.2mm
16 piece 2 5.63 40*60mm,1.2mm
17 piece 3 5.74 20*40mm,1.2mm
18 Door Steel piece 1
19 Window PVC single glass piece 2
20 Top sheet Galvanized sheet piece 6 2.85 Thickness 0.45mm
21 Ceiling sheet Galvanized sheet piece 7 2.78 Thickness 0.23mm
22 Rockwool
bag 1

23 Floor Fiber cement board piece 5 2.78 2780*1146*18mm
24 Accessaries PVC downpipe piece 4

25 Column&Ceiling  aluminum decoration set 1 2.52 4 pcs
26 5.7 3 pcs
27 Self tapping,rivets,hexagon socket bolts,glues,etc.

28 Electric accessaries Distrubute box piece 1

29 Switch piece 1

30 3-hole socket piece 1

31 5-hole socket piece 4

32 32A Leakage protector piece 1

33 Industrial socket piece 1

34 32A Circuit breaker piece 1

35 LED ceiling light piece 2

36 Wires(According to local voltage)

Q1. What is the leading time?
Normally about 7-15 days,  it is negotiable for large project.
Q2. What is the minimum order quantity for the container house?
The MOQ is 1 set.
Q3. Does it can install solar system on the roof?
Yeah, of course.
Q4. How many sets standard container house can be loaded in 20FT / 40HQ shipping container?
Different types container house with different loading type.
For assembly container house:
20FT load 6~7 sets, 40HQ load 16~17 sets.
For flat packed container house:
20FT load 3 sets, 40HQ load 6 sets.
Q5. Does the house can be customized the room layout? Can you provide the layout drawing?
Yes, the container house can be customized, and we can according to your design ideas to offer drawing to you for reference.

1. Stable Quality:

We use our excellent equipment and technology and vast experience to manufacture products with stable quality under strict control throughout all process including pig iron manufacturing, steel manufacturing, heating, rolling and cooling.

2. Flawless Surface: 

Using material (slabs) manufactured under a strict quality control system, we manufacture steel plates with flawless surface by removing scales from the steel plates with high pressure water jets during the rolling process. In addition, in the transport and heat treatment, etc. of steel plates, manufacturing is conducted using state-of-the-art equipment.

3. Wide availability:

We provide a wide product availability including steel plates that satisfy official standards in Japan and overseas, high tensile strength steel for welded structures, abrasion resistant steel, atmospheric corrosion resistant steel, low-temperature service steel, and steel for building, as well as materials that are suitable for a wide variety of uses,from offshore structures (production), line pipes (transport) tanks (storage) and other high-function steel for use in energy fields. In addition, we also accept orders for steel with special specifications, such as extra-thick steel plates for molds, electromagnetic soft iron, and chromium molybdenum steel for use in high temperatures. we also provide shot blasting and primer coating upon request. We also manufacture extra-heavy thick steel plates for use in nuclear power plants, thermal power plants, hydraulic power plants, petrochemical plants and the like.

4. On-time Delivery:

We strive for on-time delivery by making the most of the advantageous seaside location of each steel mill and our control systems for each individual product under process control that effectively utilizes a computer system.

5. Precise Consulting:

The engineering divisions at our head office and various branch offices canprecisely provide consulting on the quality characteristics, applications, and processing methods of steel plates as well as technical cooperation during use, based on their vast experience and comprehensive technical capabilities.

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