Air Tightness of Doors and Windows

November 05 , 2021

Building energy consumption is one of the main sources of energy consumption in my country. In recent years, with the continuous development of science and technology, the emergence of new technologies and new materials, and the continuous improvement of functional requirements for building energy saving and consumption reduction in industrial and civil buildings, the building The performance of exterior windows, especially the airtight performance of building exterior windows, puts forward higher requirements. The airtight performance of doors and windows is the key to building energy conservation.

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Doors and windows serve as the first line of defense for the humane living environment. If the air-tightness of doors and windows is not good, harmful substances such as PM2.5 and outdoor dust can easily enter the room through the gaps between doors and windows. The air-tightness of doors and windows determines the degree of intrusion of PM2.5 and outdoor dust in home life. Doors and windows with superior air-tight performance It can block PM2.5 particles, isolate outdoor sand and dust, block fine particles from flying dust outside the window, and keep indoor air fresh.

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The airtightness of building doors and windows affects the comfort of people's living. The airtightness of exterior doors and windows of a building can affect the heat loss. The higher the airtightness, the less heat exchange and the smaller the impact on the room temperature. The airtightness is poor, the summer is hot, and the indoor heat loss in winter is great. Increase building energy consumption. If the air tightness of the Aluminum doors and windows is not good, it will also cause indoor condensation, mildew, poor sound insulation and other problems. In addition, in the event of a fire, heat and toxic gases will quickly spread to adjacent rooms through the gaps between the unsealed walls and doors and windows. Affect the safety of the room... The doors and windows of the high-quality system are made of high-strength industrial aluminum profile and high-quality sealing strips, and the installation is meticulous, which truly keeps outdoor dust, smoke and noise out of the door, and enjoys peace and comfort.

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Doors and windows are an important part of the overall house. Good airtightness of building doors and windows plays a very important role in improving energy efficiency. It not only has a direct impact on the insulation, moisture resistance, sound insulation, and fire resistance of the building, but also shields harmful substances. It is also closely related, and ensures the normal operation of effective ventilation systems, optimizes air quality, and creates conditions for improving energy efficiency and improving comfort.

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