Modular Prefabricated Container House with Balcony

October 28 , 2021

Container house type:

1. assemble container house, (standard size is 20FT: 5950*3000*2800mm, 40ft shipping carton load 16sets),

2. flat packed container house, (exporting standard size is 20FT: 5800*2400*2896mm, 40ft shipping carton load 6sets),

3. assemble flat packed container house, (exporting standard size is 20FT: 5950*3000*2800mm,40ft shipping carton load 16sets),

4. foldable container house, (standard size is 20FT: 5800*2500*2550mm,40ft shipping carton load 10sets),

Prefab House Applications:

The prefab house can be installed by one or several containers, it is use for individual living house, office building, hotel, dormitory, villa, renting house, hospital, school, exhibition building, light weight villa, etc,

Modular container room for reference:

customized container, use for shop, or living house.

Front side,

flat pack container

Back side,

Left side,

Right side,

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