The surface treatment of aluminum profile

November 19 , 2021

There are many great reasons to choose aluminum extrusions for your project.

Aluminum is versatile and relatively low-cost. It has a high strength-to-weight ratio and possesses non-corrosive properties. It is environmentally friendly and can accept high-performance coatings.

Once you’ve decided to design your custom aluminum extrusions, there are some important choices you need to make. One such choice is which finishing option to choose.

industrial profiles extrusion

What advantages do aluminum surface treatments provide?

Often just seen as a means of corrosion protection, these treatments can drastically impact a variety of conditions and properties. Such changes include:

Altering surface hardness and abrasion resistance


Coating adhesion like paints, varnish, and bonding adhesives

Providing protection from corrosion and durability


Whether you’re designing a new building or the inside of a train, aluminum extrusions can be a key part of your project. Choosing an appropriate finish will ensure that your extrusions end up with the right appearance and appropriate corrosion-resistance.

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