What Are the Advantages of Shipping Container Homes?

August 20 , 2021

While I love traditional tiny houses, I also enjoy seeing the weird and wonderful homes other tiny house builders come up with. In recent years,shipping container tiny houses have become more and more popular and I love seeing how creative people can get with these small spaces. 


Who would choose to live in a metal box? Surprisingly enough, the advantages of shipping container homes are what draw the adventurous, the frugal, the minimalist, and more! the project can be finished faster, cheaper, and far better than imagined.

Saving Money by Living Small


Affordable housing is a problem in areas throughout the country. Imagine ending the renting cycle by buying and transforming a shipping container house. 

You can purchase one for a few thousand dollars and, your shipping container home will be comfortable without stretching your budget. Own your own home without the burden of a hefty mortgage!

Save the World by Living Eco-Friendly


Reducing your personal carbon footprint is a goal worth having. If you are striving to prioritize living eco-friendly and are looking for housing, consider a shipping container. 

You’ll be re-purposing a material that will likely go unclaimed and unused and can live off the grid by reducing the resources you consume.

Shipping container homes can be highly energy efficient. Choose Container Mobile Prefabricated Container Housefor a comfortable home that doesn’t take much energy to heat or cool.

Save on Stress by Building Quickly


A traditional home will take months to build. When your schedule demands a faster solution, take advantage of a shipping container. A container home can be completed in just a few short weeks. 

The basic structure of your home will already exist and, with container mobile prefabricateyou’ll install the insulation and framing in a single step. 

The panels also include raceways for wiring and embedded studs for fast drywall application.

Prefab House type

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