What is the T slot aluminum extrusion profiles?

October 28 , 2021

Aluminum profiles---T- SLOT

T-Slot extruded section, have been in existence for many years. It has matured into a solid construction system for industrial to build everything from mechanical casings to CNC machine tools, 3D printers and robots! It is strong enough to withstand many industrial pressures, and modular to allow universal design.

The T-slot system consists of extruded aluminum of various sizes, the "T"-shaped groove on one or more of its sides. The shape, size and design may be different, but the "T" slot is universal. The "T" slot allows various hardware to be connected to the extrusion, so that complex structures can be constructed.

aluminum t slot

T slot with hardware

install aluminum profiles

Some types of T-slot,

t slot types

As shown above, these 4 types of square profiles range from 10mm to 20mm. Each configuration file has its own unique function, but all share the "T" slot function.

The profile is not limited to square. For example, there are 4 sizes of v-groove: 20x80mm, 20x60mm, 20x40mm and 20x20mm:

2040 4040 8080

Some other larger square and other shaped aluminum extrusion profiles:

aluminum profiles

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