International Aluminum Association released 2050 global aluminum industry carbon reduction target

Nov 05, 2021

Recently, the International Aluminum Association (IAI) released a series of new global aluminum industry decarbonization process data inventory reports before the 26th United Nations Climate Change Conference in Glaston, Scotland.The report pointed out that by 2050, the total carbon dioxide emissions of the global aluminum industry need to be reduced by 77% compared with 2018. Among them, the carbon dioxide produced by the production of alumina and electrolytic aluminum will be significantly reduced. The report predicts that aluminum smelting should reduce carbon emissions by nearly 90%. The specific value is from 823 million tons to 90 million tons. In 2018, electricity-related emissions in the aluminum smelting process were 670 million tons. According to the emission reduction path, this data needs to be reduced to 8 million tons by 2050. In terms of alumina, the report predicts that the industry’s greenhouse gas emissions should fall from 171 million tons in 2018 to 90 million tons in 2050, a cut of nearly half.


At the same time, the report predicts that with economic growth, urbanization and increased infrastructure construction, the global demand for aluminum products(aluminium industrial profiles,door and window of aluminum alloy, extrusion aluminum profile,aluminum coil,etc) will increase by about 81%, which also means that the aluminum industry will bear greater pressure to reduce emissions. Marlen Bertram, Director of IAI Scenarios and Forecasts, pointed out that in order to achieve the goal of reducing carbon emissions, the aluminum industry must make major investments in technology and require commitments from all members of the value chain. He also said: “As one of the most recyclable materials on the planet, the amount of aluminum recycled may increase by about 183%. In general, according to our calculations, compared with 2050, the current aluminum industry All measures to improve recycling rate and resource efficiency can achieve the goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 20%.

We believe that the aluminum industry’s various actions and initiatives to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in its production process and increase recycling will make it effective It has achieved good results in tackling climate change and has become the best practicer in reducing carbon in the mining sector."At the same time, I also believe that our aluminum products (industrial aluminum profiles, doors and windows of aluminum, extruded aluminum profiles) will become better and better, with high quality and high service.

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