Reasons for the Popularity of Prefab Mobile Container Homes

Oct 22, 2021


Container house is a new type of house developed on the basis of containers. The size is close to the building room. Modular building. The length and width of the box house can be adjusted according to the needs. Assemble arbitrarily, with stronger applicability.

Foldable Container House

The container house is quick and simple to assemble, and you can move in directly after completion. If necessary, you can also carry out internal decoration. The decorated packing box room is almost the same as the house we usually live in.

Mobile container house

container house design


1. Convenient transportation, especially suitable for units that frequently change construction sites.

2. Rugged and durable, all made of steel, stable and firm, with good shockproof performance. It has strong anti-deformation ability; good sealing performance and strict manufacturing process make this kind of mobile room have good water tightness.

3. Develop personalized art with the characteristics of individualized creation. Make it personalized, in line with personal characteristics and pursuits.

4. The mobile house is based on a standard steel chassis, which can derive a lot of combined space. Such as meeting room dormitory, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

5. Convenient disassembly and assembly, superior performance and light weight. The house is a monolithic structure with a frame inside, and the walls are made of steel plates, which can be veneered by wood panels, which can be moved as a whole and have a service life of more than 20 years.

6. Good quality and low price, reusable.

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