The latest news about aluminum ingots

Oct 28, 2021

(28 OCT 2021) A good news for aluminum profile price now.On Wednesday, Shanghai Aluminum’s main contract plummeted 5.25% to close at around 3,125USD, and continued to decline in the night trading, directly falling below the 3,125USD mark.The transaction logic in the market is mainly concentrated on the cost of electrolytic aluminum. With the rapid decline of thermal coal prices, the market's expectations for the cost of electrolytic aluminum are gradually decreasing.

One of the logic for the increase in aluminum prices since November is that in the context of themagnetization of electricity, there is a good imagination in the market, that is, the increase in coal prices will eventually lead to an increase in electricity prices. There will be strong support on the cost side of aluminum companies. But the reality is that under policy constraints, coal prices plummeted, cost-side support collapsed instantly, and all expectations vanished.

Once again, the logic of multi-head management, the double control of energy consumption superimposes the heating season in the fourth quarter, and the dry season, electrolytic aluminum enterprises may expand the scale of production reduction, which is also somewhat overshadowed by the current weak demand and the continuous accumulation of social warehouses. As far as the current situation is concerned, the downstream is dragged down by the high aluminum prices in the previous period, and the spread of power rations has also brought opportunities for downstream processing companies to reduce production, and the marginal weakening of the supply side has not matched the demand side.

Next is the stage where the price of aluminum profiles is competitive

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