What is aluminum profiles

Jun 15, 2021

These days, aluminum profile takes a large part of manufacturing.Industrial Aluminium Profiles are used for machine building, automation, work station, line building, conveyors Aluminum profile. It is almost always an extruded aluminum profile.. Much less frequently used other types of aluminum profiles, for example, bent or rolled.

Implements national standard:GB/T6892-2208

The largest extrusion machine:2500T

Alloy &brand:6063.6060.6005.6005A.6063A.6463.6061.2014.7005etc

The most popular aluminum alloy profiles- there are alloys:



Ganing popularity“more construction”alloys



Aluminum profiles, as elements bearing construction or other structures, require special attention to their mechanical characteristics:

· tensile strength,

· ductility limit,

· reduction of area,

· tough properties.

In this case, important to choose the correct alloy, its condition (degree of autofrettage or heat treatment), as well as the required dimensional accuracy during manufacture

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