20ft Prefab Modular Foldable Portable Tiny Container House

The four uprights are the main supports, and the upper and lower underframes are connected and fixed by screws, so that the container room becomes a whole. Compared with ordinary welded container house, the firmness is not reduced.
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    container house
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Xiamen taohong tech. Co.,ltd operates a quality management system approved to ISO 9001:2008 and dimensional tolerances to EN 755. This system allows quality management from an initial contract review through to product shipment. Laboratory facilities are also available to assist with quality assurance and any necessary metallurgical testing.

Scope of application

The application of container house is very wide, suitable for many occasions. Containers are widely used in different industries due to their standardization, ease of movement, and convenient loading and unloading.

1. Use residential containers on construction sites,Post-disaster emergency housing: The container mobile house has the advantages of convenient transportation, convenient loading and unloading, wind, rain, earthquake and other advantages, which can enable local government affairs to construct emergency housing for disaster victims with higher living quality at a relatively low price, and alleviate the housing survival problems of disaster victims.

      tiny container house

2. Use container for temporary office

     prefab tiny house

3. Container villa

     Modern Container House

4. Stores use containers, etc.

     modular house

House In Container

Product Details

Compared with traditional commercial housing, the main advantages are as follows:


Container: The container has strong mobility, and you can change the place without changing the house.
Commercial housing: You can choose from the city center or the suburbs according to your own wishes. But once the purchase is made, it is difficult to replace it.


Container: It is very personalized, you can paint it as you like, and it can be very different. You can repaint when you don’t like it.
Commercial housing: The appearance can only be designed by the developer and cannot be changed by itself.

                   container villa

prefab villa

With the changes in modern architectural styles and the pursuit of innovation, many container elements are now introduced into the building, and its style can be completely integrated into the building to form a unique architectural style. It is believed that with the continuous enrichment and development of mobile homes, its participation in modern architecture will be greater.

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