• The annual Chinese National Day
    September 30, 2021 The annual Chinese National Day
    October 1, 2021, the 72nd anniversary of China's National Day. National Day Introduction: October 1st is China's National Day. Why is this day designated as the National Day? After more than a hundred years of heroic struggle, the Chinese people have won the great victory of the people's revolution under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. The announcement of the founding of the People’s Republic of China on October 1, 1949 was the greatest change in Chinese history. At 3 pm on October 1, 1949, 300,000 people in Beijing held a grand ceremony in Tiananmen Square to celebrate the establishment of the Central People’s Government of the People’s Republic of China. Chairman Mao Zedong solemnly declared the founding of the People's Republic of China and the Central People's Government, and personally raised the first five-star red flag. Chairman Mao read the "Announcement of the Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China": "The Central People's Government of the People's Republic of China is the only legal government representing the people of the People's Republic of China. Any foreign government willing to observe the principles of equality, mutual benefit and mutual respect for territorial sovereignty , This government is willing to establish diplomatic relations with it." Then a military parade and mass demonstrations were held. Commander-in-chief Zhu De inspected the navy, land and air force, and announced the "Chinese People's Liberation Army Headquarters Order", ordering the Chinese People's Liberation Army to quickly eliminate all remaining Kuomintang armed forces and liberate all unliberated land. On the same day, Beijing Xinhua Broadcasting Station conducted a live broadcast of the Founding Ceremony of the People's Republic of China in Tiananmen Square. This is the first large-scale live broadcast in the history of Chinese People's Broadcasting, which was broadcast simultaneously by People's Broadcasting Stations across the country. On December 2, 1949, the Central People's Government passed the "Resolution on the National Day of the People's Republic of China", which stipulated that October 1 of each year was the National Day and used this day as the day for proclaiming the founding of the People's Republic of China. Since 1950, October 1st has been a grand celebration for the people of all ethnic groups in China. The meaning of National Day: Firstly, National Symbol National Day Anniversary is a characteristic of modern nation-states. It appeared with the emergence of modern nation-states, and became particularly important. It became a symbol of an independent country, reflecting the state and government of this country. Secondly, Function Embodiment Once the special commemoration method of National Day becomes a new and universal holiday form, it will bear the function of reflecting the cohesion of this country and nation. At the same time, the large-scale celebrations on National Day are also a concrete mani...
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  • The Origin and Development of Mid-Autumn Festival
    September 15, 2021 The Origin and Development of Mid-Autumn Festival
    Origin There are divergent opinions on the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival. First: Sacrifice activities from ancient emperors. The (Book of Rites) records that as early as the Spring and Autumn Period, the emperor had already begun to worship the moon. Later, noble officials and scholars followed suit and gradually spread to the people. Second:the origin of the Mid-Autumn Festival is related to agricultural production. Autumn is the harvest season. The interpretation of the word "Autumn" is: "The crop mature  is called autumn." In the Mid-Autumn Festival of August, crops and various fruits gradually mature. In order to celebrate the harvest and express joy, the farmers "Mid-Autumn " as a holiday. "Mid-autumn" means the middle of autumn. The August of the lunar calendar is the last month of autumn, and the 15th is the day in the middle of the month. Therefore, the Mid-Autumn Festival may be a custom inherited from the ancients "reporting the arrival of autumn". Develop In the Northern Song Dynasty, August 15 was officially designated as the Mid-Autumn Festival. In the Ming and  Qing dynasties, moon-appreciating activities were popular. At the same time, during the past five hundred years, also launched festival activities such as "Walking the Moon", "Lighting the Sky Lantern",and "Fire Dragon Dance" among them, customs of admiring the moon, eating moon cakes, and reunion dinner have been passed down to  this day. The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional Chinese festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival was popular in the Song Dynasty, and it was as famous as the New Year's Day in the Ming and Qing Dynasties and became one of the main festivals in China. This is also China's second largest traditional festival after the Spring Festival.
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  • Modular Prefabricated Container House with Balcony
    August 27, 2021 Modular Prefabricated Container House with Balcony
    Container house type: 1. assemble container house, (standard size is 20FT: 5950*3000*2800mm, 40ft shipping carton load 16sets), 2. flat packed container house, (exporting standard size is 20FT: 5800*2400*2896mm, 40ft shipping carton load 6sets), 3. assemble flat packed container house, (exporting standard size is 20FT: 5950*3000*2800mm,40ft shipping carton load 16sets), 4. foldable container house, (standard size is 20FT: 5800*2500*2550mm,40ft shipping carton load 10sets), Applications: The prefab house can be installed by one or several containers, it is use for individual living house, office building, hotel, dormitory,  villa, renting house, hospital, school, exhibition building, etc, Sample container room for reference: customized container, use for shop, or living house. Front side Back side Left side Right side
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  •  What is vacuum aluminum die casting
    June 15, 2021 What is vacuum aluminum die casting
    Aluminum die casting is a process used to manufacture a type of aluminum known as die casting aluminum. Aluminum is first molted using high-pressure techniques. Then, in the die casting manufacturing process, the metal is hardened in the molds and different shapes are produced. The aluminum die casting produced as a result of this process is an alloy that has a range of characteristics, which make it ideally suited to a number of different uses. Die casting manufacturing process was first used in 1838. A combination of molten tin and lead was poured into a steel mold. As the metal alloy cooled, it took on the shape of the mold it was in. Initially, die casting was used solely in the printing industry. However, as more dies in different shapes were introduced, die casting manufacturing became a part of every major industry, providing various parts of machinery. It was in 1914 that a desire to move to safer, stronger alloys led to the use of aluminum and zinc in the die casting manufacturing process. From thereon, the process of die casting continued to grow, using many other metals and adopting newer techniques in the die casting process. Today, the use of high-pressure techniques is the norm in the die casting process and it results in quality products and excellent finish. Typically, die casting can be done either by a hot chamber process or a cold chamber process. The former is used for alloys with low melting temperatures such as zinc, lead or tin. The cold chamber process is used for alloys with high melting temperatures such as aluminum, brass or magnesium. The vacuum aluminum die casting process was originated and developed China, GC Precision Mold is the die casting manufacturer who has reached experience in this die casting process. over 8 years ago for the casting of high strength, corrosion-resistant aluminum. The castings required high-temperature powder coating, and vacuum enabled them to be made without imperfections like micro blisters or porosity. Aluminum die casting process service includes raw casting design with the die casting mold, finish production design involving post-machining and other surface finishing such as electroplating, electrophoresis, painting, anodizing and powder coating. Aluminum die casting is efficient and economical and offers a wide range of durable shapes and components. Little or no machining is required after a part is die casted, because the process provides very close tolerances for even complex shapes. Aluminum die casting can also be easily plated or finished. Aluminum die castings are dimensionally stable and heat resistant.
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  • What is aluminum profiles
    June 15, 2021 What is aluminum profiles
    These days, aluminum profile takes a large part of manufacturing.Industrial Aluminium Profiles are used for machine building, automation, work station, line building, conveyors Aluminum profile. It is almost always an extruded aluminum profile.. Much less frequently used other types of aluminum profiles, for example, bent or rolled. Implements national standard:GB/T6892-2208 The largest extrusion machine:2500T Alloy &brand:6063.6060.6005.6005A.6063A.6463.6061.2014.7005etc The most popular aluminum alloy profiles- there are alloys: *6060/6063(AD31) *6061 Ganing popularity“more construction”alloys *6005 *6082 Aluminum profiles, as elements bearing construction or other structures, require special attention to their mechanical characteristics: · tensile strength, · ductility limit, · reduction of area, · tough properties. In this case, important to choose the correct alloy, its condition (degree of autofrettage or heat treatment), as well as the required dimensional accuracy during manufacture
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  •  Do you known window blinds were made out of bamboo by the Chinese.
    June 15, 2021 Do you known window blinds were made out of bamboo by the Chinese.
    Thomas Jefferson loved window blinds so much that he put them in his will to be given to his loved ones. Blinds haven’t always functioned the way they do now, and it’s hard to imagine a world without blinds keeping unwanted light out of our homes. In the past, window blinds were made out of bamboo by the Chinese and reeds strung together by the early Egyptians. Between 1100 and 1500 A.D., Venice merchants saw a window covering in Persia and took the idea home with them. There, they began to make Venetian blinds. In 1769, Edward Bevan, an Englishman, received the first patent for Venetian blinds. His improvement was to make controlled wooden slats that could be maneuvered up or down depending on the amount of light desired. John Hampson, a man from New Orleans, improved on Bevan’s invention in 1841 by enabling the horizontal slats to move individually, so light could be altered without raising the entire blinds up or down. Blinds today come in multitudes of shapes, sizes, materials, and styles—you can even get blinds that don’t have any strings and can be raised or lowered by holding the bottom of the blinds. Window blinds serve a much needed function, but they have also been historically used to set a tone or mood in classical paintings, as well as black and white movies where the shadow falls across the blinds.
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  • Why we have to eat rice dumpling on dragon Boat Festival
    May 12, 2021 Why we have to eat rice dumpling on dragon Boat Festival
    Today Xiamen Taohong Tech. Co.,ltd have a food gift to everyone. Is it very strange for a company. We call this food is tsung-tse/glutinous rice dumpling.Cos today is dragon Boat Festival. The Dragon Boat Festival, the 5th day of the 5th lunar month, was established  during the Warring States period (475-221 BC) and has had a history of more than 2,000 years. It is usually in June in the Gregorian calendar. These traditions originated in the Mi Low waters when fishermen threw rice into the river to appease the river dragons so that they would not harm Chu Yuan. Due to the differences in food culture between the south and the north, the fillings of zongzi are different. In the north, there are mostly sweet zongzi made with bean paste and date, while in the south, there are mostly salty zongzi made with meat and nut.In Asian countries such as Korea, South Korea and Japan, it is also customary to eat glutinous rice dumpling.
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  • Insulated Metal Roof Panel
    July 30, 2021 Insulated Metal Roof Panel
    Insulated metal roof panels provide a high level of thermal R-value, which leads to energy savings for your steel building. Insulated Metal Roof Panel Features High level of thermal R-Value leads to energy cost savings for your facility IMP roof panels have an overlapping joint that is self-aligning, with factory caulked seams Panels arrive on-site in one piece, requiring a simple one-step installation, reducing construction time and costs Standard metal surface is 26 gauge G-90 galvanized steel, with a nano thermal insulation coating, it can reflect 95% solar energy, Compared to the common material, The outdoor temperature will be 15-20 degrees Celsius lower, the indoor will be 7-13 degree Celsius lower.It also providing fade-resistant, energy efficient exterior Fast, single component installation eliminates the inefficiencies of multi-piece, field assembled roof systems, saving installation time as well as labor costs。 The trapezoidal rib design provides added strength against potential foot traffic damage compared to other standing seam products. Roof Panels are available in 2.5″, 4″, 5″, and 6″thickness and install quickly and easily by through fastening at the standing ribs into supporting structural members Insulated roof panels have been extensively tested under a variety of North American Standards to ensure compliance with various building codes and industry standards.
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