• China National Day
    September 30, 2022 China National Day
    The National Day of the People's Republic of China is also known as National Day, China National Day, National Day Golden Week. The Central People's Government has declared that since 1950, October 1 every year will be the day when the People's Republic of China is proclaimed, that is, the National Day. In this season of golden osmanthus fragrance, we are about to usher in the 73rd anniversary of the motherland's birthday. Our office will be temporarily closed from October 1st to October 7th, 2022. We will return on October 8, 2022. As a professional aluminum profile manufacturer, we wholesale and retail industrial/architectural aluminum profiles and accessories, with complete varieties and specifications, high quality and low price, can be customized and cut on demand, customized aluminum frames include workbenches, protective covers, fence partitions, shelves, etc.
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  • Happy mid-Autumn Festival
    September 09, 2022 Happy mid-Autumn Festival
    The fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month, the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, is a day when all families gather together. On this day, people will eat moon cakes, admire the moon, and express their longing for their loved ones. Enjoy the moon The full moon means reunion, the bright moonlight illuminates the thoughts in the heart, and sends a wish to the distant relatives eat moon cakes The round moon cakes are wrapped with good expectations It means abundant harvest, family and beauty On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, I wish all friends, the Mid-Autumn Festival is full moon, and family reunion As a professional aluminum profile manufacturer, we wholesale and retail industrial/architectural aluminum profiles and accessories, with complete varieties and specifications, high quality and low price, can be customized and cut on demand, customized aluminum frames include workbenches, protective covers, fence partitions, shelves, etc. If you have any needs, you can contact us at any time to get the latest quotation of aluminum profiles
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  • Aluminum is in short supply, why the price is still falling
    August 01, 2022 Aluminum is in short supply, why the price is still falling
    The international aluminum price has not taken the usual path. Since reaching a price high of 3,975 USD in March, it has been falling all the way. Yet, oddly enough, global aluminium supplies are continuing to tighten and prices should have been supported. But the reality is that, like most metals markets, demand destruction dominates the market logic and prices are powerless to turn around. 1. Costs have risen sharply Europe is in the midst of an unprecedented energy crisis, with gas supply worries intensifying and electricity prices soaring. The trend of passing natural gas prices in Europe to rising electricity costs will continue, which will undoubtedly be a huge blow to the metal smelting industry, which is very dependent on electricity. It is reported that some aluminium smelters and alumina refineries have been partially or fully closed due to rising electricity prices, making the supply of architectural & industrial aluminum profiles and aluminium-related products fraught with risk. Not only Europe, but the United States is also suffering from high electricity prices. Last week, Alcoa warned that soaring global costs would render as much as 20% of its aluminum capacity unprofitable, and expects to see a strong recovery in prices only in 2023. In addition to electricity prices, China's related production capacity is still unstable due to the impact of the epidemic, and the international shunning attitude towards Russian aluminum products manufacturer is exacerbating the problem of tight supply. 2. The demand side is destroyed Cost is only one of the reasons for the fall in aluminum prices. The other two come from the high exchange rate dollar and Chinese demand. China is the largest consumer of aluminum. Due to the epidemic, downstream industries of aluminum products have been cautious, which has also led to the continued sluggish demand for aluminum products, which also provides a catalyst for demand destruction. To make matters worse, the world has entered a period of rising interest rates, which has also driven the dollar to continue to strengthen. The high exchange rate USD usually has a certain negative correlation with commodity prices. In addition, the increase in interest rates has also weakened the profits of the aluminum trade. In the metals market, many traders buy metals in the form of borrowing, and rising interest rates increase the debt burden. This is undoubtedly a signal to stop the entry for risk-averse people. The weakness of the macro environment has caused aluminum companies to stop production to protect themselves. Alcoa announced last month that it would close its second-largest smelting plant in the United States; Alcoa announced it would cut some production lines, resulting in a loss of $20 million.
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  • International Labour Day
    April 29, 2022 International Labour Day
    The annual International Labor Day holiday is coming, this year our holiday time will be arranged from April 30, 2022 to May 4, 2022, a total of 5 days of small holiday. Our company will resume working hours on May 5, 2022. As the holiday is coming, the price of aluminum profiles and container house may rise or fall to some extent in the next five days. Customers can first consult the products they are interested in and check the details. We will give customers a satisfactory official offer on May 5, 2022. When it comes to the annual International Labor Day, we should actively promote its significance. The significance of International Labor Day lies in the tenacious, heroic and unyielding fighting spirit of laborers through struggle. Winning one's own legitimate interests is the historic progress of human civilization and democracy, and this is the essence of May 1st Labor Day. This is also the biggest reason why people pay attention to Labor Day. Labor creates wealth, labor creates civilization, and laborers are the creators of all civilizations and wealth. Labor is divided into mental labor and manual labor. The mental laborers summarize the experience of physical labor, and the manual laborers realize the vision of the brain hole laborers. . The glory of labor lies in the scientific realization that the development of human civilization is fundamentally the result of the combination of mental labor and manual labor. Finally, I wish every hard worker a happy holiday and Happy International Labor Day!
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  • The main reasons for surface damage of aluminum profiles
    April 19, 2022 The main reasons for surface damage of aluminum profiles
    1. The surface of the aluminum ingot is attached with debris or the composition of the aluminum ingot is segregated. When there are a large number of segregated floats on the surface of the aluminum ingot and the aluminum ingot has not been homogenized or the homogenization treatment effect is not good, there are a certain number of hard metal particles in the aluminum ingot. During the extrusion profiles process, when the metal flows through the working belt, these segregation floats or hard metal particles adhere to the surface of the working belt or cause damage to the working belt, and eventually scratch the surface of the profile; 2. There are sundries on the mold cavity or working belt, and the hardness of the working belt is low, so that the surface of the working belt is injured during extrusion and scratches the profile; 3. There is bare metal or hard inclusions on the discharge track or swing bed, which will scratch the surface of the profile when it is in contact with the profile; 4. When the fork bar sends the aluminum profiles from the discharge track to the swing bed, the profile is bruised due to the excessive speed; 5. Manually drag the profile on the swing bed to cause scratches; 6. During transportation, the profiles are damaged by friction or extrusion Solution 1. Strengthen the quality control of aluminum ingots; 2. Improve the quality of mold repair, the mold is regularly nitrided and the nitriding process is strictly implemented; 3. Use soft felt to isolate the profile from the auxiliary equipment to minimize the contact damage between the profile and the auxiliary equipment; 4. It should be handled with care during production, and try to avoid dragging or flipping the profiles at will; 5. Arrange the profiles reasonably in the material frame and try to avoid mutual friction.
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  • Aluminum prices hit multi-year highs as risk of supply disruptions in Russia increases
    February 24, 2022 Aluminum prices hit multi-year highs as risk of supply disruptions in Russia increases
    On February 22, the London Metal Exchange (LME) aluminum price hit a multi-year high.The move comes after Russia ordered troops into two breakaway regions in eastern Ukraine, sparking fears of war and sanctions that could affect Russian exports. LME three-month aluminium rose $23.50, or 0.72%, to $3,303 a tonne at 17:00 on February 22, London time, after hitting $3,380 a tonne earlier, down slightly from $3,380.15 in 2008 record high. Russia's aluminum production accounts for about 6% of the world's, rusal was sanctioned in 2018, and aluminium prices rose 35% in a few days.Aluminium prices are up around 17% so far this year after rising 42% in 2021.ING analyst Wenyu Yao said,even with Russian exports unaffected, aluminium remains in short supply. "They were seeing very strong fundamentals before the Russia-Ukraine crisis escalated," she said. Germany suspended the certification of a new Russian gas pipeline and Britain imposed sanctions on Russian banks. The West has responded to Russia's recognition of the two breakaway regions of Ukraine and a speech by Russian President Vladimir Putin suggesting more belligerent targets. Western countries are unlikely to impose sanctions on Rusal, analysts said, as high aluminum prices hurt manufacturing. The shortage has caused aluminium inventories in LME warehouses to fall to 835,125 tonnes from nearly 2 million tonnes in March last year. Premiums for spot aluminium over the three-month contract are close to highs not seen since 2018, and premiums for physical duty-paid in Europe and the US have risen to record highs.
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  • European energy crisis pushes up aluminium prices again
    January 20, 2022 European energy crisis pushes up aluminium prices again
    In December 2021, the price of natural gas in Europe hit a new high again, with an increase of more than 16%, and the market is worried that the price of natural gas in Europe will rise further. Energy costs soared, European zinc plants announced production cuts, followed by news of European high-cost aluminum plants cutting production, boosting aluminum prices in London to rise continuously. Compared with the rise in aluminum prices in the first half of 2021 due to rising raw materials, tight power supply, and the impact of supply and demand mismatches and global inflation, the recent changes in aluminum prices are more affected by the European energy crisis. As the price of aluminum ingots has grown, so has the price of aluminum profiles, and the price of many aluminum products has maintained an upward trend since 2021. In recent years, the global demand for aluminum has continued to rise, especially in emerging industries such as photovoltaics, new energy vehicles, and rail transit.The demand for various aluminum rails, aluminum accessories, aluminum extrusion products increases. Whether the scale of production reduction by European aluminum companies can be upgraded depends on whether the gap in natural gas will be further enlarged. Referring to the previous situation of domestic coal prices and electricity in China, if energy prices are allowed to continue to rise, industrial enterprises facing high electricity costs will have to shut down one after another, which will lead to rising inflation and unemployment. In the course of the game, the policy adjustment that may be adopted, energy will face the pressure of correction, and it is also a potential risk for aluminum prices to continue to rise. Considering the impact of unstable supply in Russia, the onset of cold waves, and the interruption of nuclear power, the energy crisis in Europe may continue throughout the winter and into the spring of next year. It is expected that aluminum prices will remain strong in the short term.
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  • Aluminum Alloy Windows Vs UPVC Windows
    December 13, 2021 Aluminum Alloy Windows Vs UPVC Windows
    1. The difference in grade: Aluminum alloy thermal windows and UPVC windows are suitable for different building consumer groups. Statistics show that UPVC windows are suitable for general low-rise residential buildings. Consumers of this grade of products are often concerned about the product. The quality requirements are not very high, and high-performance thermal insulation aluminum alloy windows are suitable for buildings of various heights and grades, and the quality and life performance can withstand the test of high standards. 2. The difference in performance: The energy-saving effects of the two are similar; but due to the difference in material, UPVC windows are prone to deformation after a period of use, and the sealing performance is not as good as high-performance aluminum alloy windows. 3. Difference in service life: Due to the large difference in material strength, elastic modulus and wear resistance, the service life of high-performance aluminum alloy windows is often longer than that of UPVC window. 4. The price difference: Generally speaking, the price of high-performance aluminum alloy windows is usually higher than that of UPVC window. However, in the long run, although the price of high-performance aluminum alloy windows is high, they have a long service life; while UPVC window are cheaper but have a short service life. Therefore, the overall price ratio is comparable. In summary, high-performance aluminum alloy windows have more competitive advantages.
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