Features of sandwich panels

September 03 , 2021
It is a sheet made by gluing a higher-strength surface material and a core material with a lighter bulk density and lower strength. It is called a sandwich panel.

The sandwich panel product is composed of two-layer molded metal panels (or other material panels) and a polymer thermal insulation core that is foamed and matured directly in the middle of the panel.

The main advantages are:

①The specific strength of the plate is high.
②The core material is cheap and the dosage is large, and the surface material is expensive but the dosage is small, so the production cost of this product is lower.

③Reasonable selection and matching of surface and core materials can effectively meet the pre-designed sheet performance requirements.

For example, sandwich wall panels,metal cladding is selected to improve the fire and water resistance of the board, and decorative board or plastic sheet is selected as the surface layer to improve its decorative effect.

1. Construction pre-engineered and fewer components, internationally accepted and meets the building code specifications
2. Higher energy savings due to low thermal conductivity
3. Flexibility in design and choosing various options on fascia of panels and colours
4. All weather proof construction and Maintenance free
5. These insulated panels gives long lasting value with controlled quality, accuracy & speed of construction and caters for better functionality and application.

Sandwich panels are widely used in cold storage, container room, prefabricated room, office, hotel, toilet, warehouse, workshop, shed, garage, etc.

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